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Ayodhya Ram lala Murti ( 3D )

Ayodhya Ram lala Murti ( 3D )

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राम लल्ला अयोध्या में आ चुके हैं, अब उन्हें अपने घर भी ले आइए।


Introducing the divine Ram Lalla sculpture a sacred masterpiece meticulously crafted from durable polyresin, measuring a perfect 5 inches and 8 inches in dimensions. This intricately designed representation encapsulates the innocence and purity of Lord Rama as a child, inviting a sense of serenity and spirituality into your surroundings.


  • Intricate detailing capturing his innocence & purity
  • Made from polyresin infused with marble dust 
  • Features premium build and finish

The Ram Lalla sculpture stands as a testament to expert craftsmanship, showcasing a seamless blend of traditional artistry and modern materials. The use of high-quality polyresin ensures both durability and a smooth finish, highlighting every intricate detail with precision. The sculpture's compact dimensions make it not only an ideal addition to your home or office decor but also a perfect companion for your car dashboard.

Product Details:


Height 12 Inch
Length 6 Inch
Width 4 Inch

The thoughtfully designed Ram Lalla sculpture serves as a tangible source of divine blessings, allowing you to carry the spiritual energy of Lord Rama wherever life takes you. The portability of this sacred piece adds a unique dimension, transforming it into a meaningful travel companion that brings positivity and tranquility to your journeys.

Whether adorning your personal space or enhancing the aesthetic of your car interior, this sculpture seamlessly blends spirituality with everyday life. Its versatility allows you to create a sacred ambiance in various settings, fostering an atmosphere of devotion and peace.

Embrace the rich cultural heritage of India with this exquisite polyresin sculpture, embodying not only the religious significance of Lord Rama but also the artistic finesse of its creators. Gift it to loved ones seeking a touch of spirituality, or make it a cherished addition to your sacred collection. Elevate your surroundings with the divine presence of Ram Lalla – a timeless symbol of faith, art, and the eternal journey towards inner peace.

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